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It all starts with your keywords. Forget the spin and the promise of higher rankings by SEO “experts”. If you did not vet your keywords well, no amount of SEO tools or website ranking tool will save your site. In fact, for your site to land on a search engine’s (or Google’s) first page results will be next to impossible if you start with keywords that nobody ever uses!

If you’re building a niche site, the first step is to determine what the keywords users type in their querries to get to sites like yours. Try a few keywords you think that are best associated with the target site you have in mind. Then use a keyword software tool like Micro Niche Finder or Market Samurai to make sure that people are indeed using those words to find sites, information or topics on the web. You cannot increase your website ranking or even your website traffic if you are stuck with keywords that nobody uses. Micro Niche Finder and Market Samurai are keyword analysis tools that will help you instantly see what the traffic is on the keywords you’ve targeted and also what the competition is. These are valuable tools to have before you even invest in any website ranking tool. Without good keywords, your site is doomed to fail before you’ve even started. Keyword analysis will tell you how many global searches are at any given time. It’s better to know what the best keywords are for your niche site before you even spend any more time and effort and resources into building one.

If you’ve completed analyzing the information about your keywords, it’s time to build your site. And here is where some website owners go crazy. They target the programs and algorithms when in fact they should target the end user. Keyword stuffing is no longer a recognized SEO tool. In fact, keyword stuffing will make your page (and your site) look spammy and Google may even push your site down further. What you have to focus on is good content that are authoritative, unique and well written. There has to be a natural flow to grammar and syntax because algorithms used by search engines can spot a poorly spun article a mile away. Do not use spun or duplicate content for your site. If you want to increase website rankings or even get more traffic to your site, you should use legitimate SEO tools that will help you build your links naturally. If somebody promises you a website ranking tool that could get you a thousand likes on Facebook in 24 hours or a thousand backlinks in 2 days, politely thank them and never return their calls. This is an SEO technique that you should be wary of. Many websites have had the misfortune of actually losing traffic (by as much as 50%) or even getting de-indexed because of these SEO tactics. It is harder to get a second chance from Google. Just work on your site using legitimate SEO tools and see your traffic increase.

Here are some of the most commonly used website ranking tools you can try:

Chrome SEO SERP – This is Google’s way of sharing a tool that will help you check the position of a website using selected keywords. It will return a list of which sites rank high when a user querries those particular keywords. It is very seldom that users go directly to websites when they want information. What they usually do is use certain keywords and phrases to get a list of sites that may be helpful. A good example is when one is searching for cheap flights to a destination. Rather than type in each individual airline, searches tend to be the keywords “cheap flights to”. If you have a niche site that caters to people looking for destinations to popular vacations, then by using keywords associated with flights, vacation, airline tickets, etc, you will see what Chrome SEO SERP returns as your biggest competitors. This is a free website ranking tool that you really should take advantage of.

Linking – The amount of links you have sometimes do not matter as the authority of the site where your links come from. This is because many SEO “experts” have done linking that many search engines consider a violation of their Terms of Service. The popularity of black hat linking that many practiced before the Panda and Penguin updates cannot be denied. A lot of webmasters needed their sites to rank fast, so instead of using best practices and a good white hat website ranking tool, many resorted to link farms that gave them links and increased rankings. But these spikes were only temporary in nature. And by the time the updates came around, these sites were the first to be de-indexed by Google. True, they enjoyed increased website traffic and increased ranking temporarily, but the kiss of death finally done them in. Be careful what linking tool you use because ultimately, how your site behaves and what it does is your responsibility and not some paid SEO expert you hire to help your site.

Webmaster Tools – Another very useful website ranking tool that many webmasters seem to forget it exists. Google gives you the tools you need to check the health of your site and help you increase website rankings. It’s available and it’s free. You can check your posts and pages and see how they rank and what brings users to your site. How do users find you? Are your keywords targeted to the audience you want to sell to? Do you use the right keywords to increase traffic? How successful is your sign up page? Also, are there errors in your site that affects your website’s rankings? Are you aware of them? Google’s Webmaster Tools is an essential tool to use if you want your site to remain competitive. Remember that any issue regarding your site will affect its rankings. Knowing what needs to be done and correcting them as soon as possible will give your site visitors a great user experience that Google likes to reward.