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Keyword Lists and Traffic Building

Now that you have a website, it’s time to generate some traffic. Advertising can be expensive. These banners you see on the sites often cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. However, there is another way to drive visitors to your new site: lists of keywords. Lists of keywords are words and phrases, especially designed to capture the attention of the search engine, so that when someone does a search on your product, your website will appear. However, your product is not the only thing that should be included. Your affiliate sites, similar products and any other relevant words and terms must all be listed. Once you have decided on your keyword list, where are you going to put it? In the meta-tags of your site, of course. If all this seems confusing, don’t worry. We’ll explain what everything is, and where it should go.

Keyword lists are collections of words and phrases that are relevant to their products. The keywords first to include are those most closely associated with their merchandise. For example, if your product is “Harry” SOAP SOAP, then the first words you put are “SOAP, SOAP of harrys, clean, harry, skin, smooth skin”.

A refinement of your keywords is to include words and phrases for affiliate products, your product and similar products. For example, “shampoo, bath, shower, scrub, wash”. If you have another subsidiary of the company, says, “Sally from natural body care”, then include them too.

Now, just because you’ve covered all these bases does not mean that you ¬†have relevant keywords all included. Any combination of these words can drive your number of visitors. Combine titles of company, products, memberships and so on. Keywords for example might include, “sally, harry, sallys, harrys body SOAP, shampoo from sally, harry natural shampoo” this list can go on and on, but for the sake of brevity, I will wait until list appears finished.

After you create a list of keywords,  insert any other relevant phrases that you may have missed. Be thorough and thoughtful. Your lists of keywords over may seem similar to this:

“harrys SOAP SOAP, SOAP, SOAP, clean harry harrys, shampoo, bath, bath accessories, bathroom clean, smells good, natural body care sallys, sally, sally natural care, sally’s body, skin, smooth skin, sallys natural body SOAP, shampoo from sally”

If you look at your list finished, and thinking “I’m going to put the same phrases there twice … maybe more,” don’t do this. Search engines have become advisable to practice what is called “keyword stuffing”. That’s when you add the same keyword over and over again, in the hope that your site will appear to the top of the list with this Gambit.

By creating keyword lists, don’t plagiarize. You can include the product name of his rival, while you do not represent their merchandise as being that of your competitor. Go to keyword lists again, while you’re dry keyword. Combine similar words or obvious, products and affiliates. If done carefully your site must gain significant traffic, just from careful lists of keyword.