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Improve your Google ranking with semantic optimization

A good Google ranking is critical to your business because you need to be found.

What good is a great looking website if users cannot find you on the number one search engine?

Most users click on results that are in the first two pages that Google returns. If you’re buried in page 10, then the more further you are hidden from your intended users.

Whether you buy significant amounts of advertising from programs such as Google Adwords, Google Places, Bing, Yahoo or elsewhere, unless you have good “organic rankings” you are missing out on a ton of traffic.

A lack of good rankings in organic search is a waste of your efforts if you are buying clicks on Google and truly want to get all the traffic you deserve.

How do you increase your website ranking on Google?

According to Google, there are over 200 factors that determine the ranking of a website.

While it is good to ficus on the SEO factors that will help you rank it is suggested that first and foremost you ceate good web content that is relevant for your chosen keywords.

Try to naturally include the keywords you believe are important and will get you traffic from people who will appreciate what you are offering on your website.

What can you do in order to improve the ranking of your web pages?

Here is an assembled first-class checklist to help webmasters increase the website ranking to get more traffic. In addition to this checklist, there is a very simple measure. A measure that is so simple and obvious that is overlooked by many website owners. If you also make these mistakes on your website, you can fix it immediately.

Fix any errors to bridge the “semantic gap” between man and machine.

Because truth is, no single search engine can understand human speech.

There are more than 350 million websites in the world today. While some of the sites are not active, and some domains are cancelled everyday, hundreds are still registered and put up on any given day.

So, if you’re one of the millions of website owners, the first thing you want to master is how to increase website ranking for your site and remain competitive. When potential visitors search for information, they may search using different search engines. The biggest player is undoubtedly, Google. It is translated in many different languages and has one of the fastest algorithms that can bring up search results in less than a second.

If you stop and think about this, it is mind boggling to imagine that its robots can crawl, spider and read all these million sites effectively. This is why it is important that you master and learn how to increase website ranking to remain competitive. The higher rank your website achieves, the more chances it gets that visitors will click it and use the information provided on your site and page.

Although search engines can identify words (keywords) clearly, your website must use targeted information to bring visitors to you.

But what if the words are ambiguous?

“Mold” can be a conatiner that makes shapes, but it can also mean “molds” as in fungus and spores (stay away from those!).

People instantly know what it is, because people can use the context in which such terms are always interpreted. A machine can not. This semantic gap between man and machine will probably be a long time, since the difference between the human understanding of language and the machine language is simply too great. But, with new mathematical equations and algorithms, search engines do know what kind of websites to bring up.

The way people search in context is slowly being understood by search engines.

Text and images are now brought up at the same time.

This is why when building your website, it is imperative that you use text and well thought of images to help your users know more about your website and what you’re all about. This image and high quality information will help increase website rankinking and traffic to your site.

Remember that search engines “know how to help.” Google is working with its engineers and are constantly updating their algorithms to try and address the problem by using “LSI.” Knowing what “LSI” is crucial for the Google ranking of your website!

LSI affects your Google ranking!

“LSI” means “latent semantic indexing.” This is a process that allows search engines to identify the topic of your website, through the actual text of the query.

Example: If your website has the word “mother” and it occurs frequently within the text, then the search engine knows how “mother” is used. Your site may be about educational issues or parenting. It can be about relationships and society. When long querries are used to bring up information, search engines know to bring up your site as it will be indexed with other sites that deal with parenting, educational issues, society and realtionships. Based on the text and images, your site, even with the word “mother” will not rank as highly as sites that use “mother” for tools. This is why it is important that you know and use all the available webmaster’s tools to increase website ranking and relevance of your website.

In other words, LSI looks for word relationships within the page content, similar to how a human would. LSI determines the keywords of your page and then searches for semantically related words.

Why LSI is so critical to your Google Ranking

The crucial thing about it: the text on your site must be relevant to the words you want to rank for. The past practice of stuffing your page with just your keywords and nothing else is long over. Search engines are getting smarter with all the algorithm updates. Remember that their main goal is to give every user who uses them relevant information, so when spiders crawl and index pages, they know which ones have low quality information and which ones are spammy. Your keywords should have relevant information and good information on your page. If you fail to do this very basic thing, your page will never rank highly on search engine results.

Suppose you sell on your site stamps. They only write “Stamps” and no use synonyms and no descriptions for the various kinds available. Then one thing is certain: your site will never make it to the top of the ranking. Because the robot could not discover the semantic environment of the term “stamps” on your side. Your site will rank better if the information you provide deals with other terms that stamp collectors or stamps are associated with. Examples can be, post office, postal mailbox, euro post, letters, mailing, letter delivery, potal codes, zip codes, stamp collecting, philatelists, rare stamps, etc.

Please note: Although the LSI technology does not really understand the meaning of the words or the conceptual relationships that are established between the words, search algorithms know that they are somehow related and assign ranking to these pages where they all occur. This is why it cannot be stressed enough how important good information is. The user experience becomes the bottomline of every page you have on your site. Imagine yourself being the user. If they land on your page, will they stay. Is there good information available that will make them click to your site’s other pages?

You can definitely increase your website ranking and your relevance by thinking of your user’s experience.

Get the most out of LSI with your Google Ranking

For this reason, websites that aim their content on related keywords, are often ranked higher and are more stable with their ranking than if they only used their primary keywords. Information that flows naturally from the main keywords are what will help you to increase website ranking of your site and page in many search engines, not just Google’s. The counterpart to “LSI” is called “LSO” or latent semantic optimization. Now that you know that Google uses latent semantic indexing, then it is relatively easy to make search engines happy. If you follow their rules (and they are all in their Webmaster’s Tools), chances are, you will be rewarded with favorable ranking.

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